Monday, November 10, 2008

A New Monday, Popote music

Excitement might be dying down a bit since last Tuesday, so here's some good music to get your spirits and excitement back up for the coming weeks as we watch how Mr. Obama preps for his new position. Junia and I decided to use a few songs that always stuck out to us as songs for change and songs for pushing through hard times.
Obama might have some toddler shoes to fill (I can imagine W's shoe size is pretty similar to his brain size), he still has some gigantic knots to untie and holes to climb out of (with all of us on his back).

Here's 4 songs that come from Popote's history as songs of hope.

Curtis Mayfield's Move On Up was MADE for Tuesday, November 4th. Even though we all knew we were in a bad state, that night was a monumental night in the history of our country. The song is from 1970's Curtis, his first album after leaving The Impressions. Try listening to this song without moving and feeling good. If you can, you have no soul.
New Order is probably my (Andres) favorite band of all time. Perfect Kiss is from 1985's Low Life WHICH IS BEING RE-RELEASED TOMORROW! Those of you into getting all the remastered albums (My fav's are The Cure and Joy Division ones released in the last few years), GET THIS 2-cd. But, you know, only if you believe in a land of love.
Tears For Fears never gets enough credit and appreciation from my generation :( If you can get past the over-played singles Sowing the Seeds of Love and Shout, they have some super cool songs that I know all you kids would TOTALLY love, like this one: Change. This is from their first (and best) album The Hurting (1983). I like the idea of applying the context of the lyrics to our current situation in the country.
Speaking of not enough love and appreciation, U2 is the same. I think it's because everyone only associates them with post- Achtung Baby (1991) releases. DON'T! They were HANDS-DOWN the best guitar-driven music in the 80's. Bands still try to have this sound but don't even come close. Stories For Boys is about having heroes. Our country finally saw one and I know millions of young kids are already being affected by this man.
The awesome portrait of Obama was an honorable mention in National Press Photographers Association best of 2007.

Curtis Mayfield - Move On Up

New Order - The Perfect Kiss

Tears For Fears - Change

U2 - Stories for Boys

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