Sunday, October 26, 2008

Popote for Pop

Something I have been dying to do for Popote's blog is post about the music we're currently listening to. I'll be posting our current musical favorites frequently, so all of you who love music, be sure to comment and give us some other good bands to check out!
For the first post, I've decided to go with the "Pop" in Popote. These albums were on heavy rotation during the last week while we prepared for Capsule Design Fest. What better music is there than good jangle/twee/freakbeat/indie pop to get you through those late nights with your friends?

Math & Physics Club is a band you have a love affair with. They're from Seattle and just like the good ol'days they have a ton of EPs with only one LP to choose from (since their beginning in 2005). Math & Physics Club always feels slightly like an affair because all of their influences are so obvious, sometimes you wonder why you aren't just listening to Morrissey or Belle & Sebastian. Charles Bert's vocals sometimes sound identical to Stuart Murdoch's (B&S). But that's the point! I love Morrissey and Belle & Sebastian. People are always going to say "they're so-and-so wannabees!." Get over it! This is fresh and it's made for people who love to feel good listening to pop! 
Same goes for This Is Ivy League. They've put out a self-titled album this year that is definitely in the running for one of my top 10s. With all the politics and economic craziness going on, these Brooklynders managed to put out an album that's like that spot of sunshine poking through the gloom. Fans of a Simon & Garfunkel-style pop will love this album.
And speaking of pop icons, here's a must-have for anyone into old 60's garage/mod-rock. Most people here in the States have never heard the name Joe Meek. Back in 60's England he was a producer/song-writer for TONS of indie rock bands. This year an amazing compilation was released called Joe Meek Freak Beat: You're Holding Me Down - 30 Freakbeat, Mod & R&B Nuggets. Here's one of my favorite tracks from the comp from The Blue Rondos.
Finally, we have Lykke Li. Some of you may have heard this song on a Victoria Secret commercial and probably didn't realize it's this wonderful song from Swedish singer Lykke Li. So far this year, Lykke Li is one of the best Swedish imports you can find. She has a great blend of pop, pop-electro, and indie-pop in her album that's been on rotation for weeks here at Popote. I look forward to posting more tracks!

Math & Physics Club - Baby I'm Yours

This Is Ivy League - Love is Impossible

The Blue Rondos - Little Baby

Lykke Li - Little Bit

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