Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Thanks guys!

Sunday at Capsule went better than we hoped! Thanks to the awesome crowd at Capsule, those few sweatshop nights before Sunday were not in vain! The day went super smooth (except the caca weather) and in the end we were very excited at how well we felt we were received. Next time around we're definitely going to register early so we get a good spot (hopefully as close as we can to either La Boulange or Frjtz!) Here's some pics!

Set up! After stopping at Four Barrel Coffee to get one of the BEST cups of coffee I've had, we made out way over to our space and set up our ez-shade tent! (btw, thanks to Rene from Scribble n Scratch for letting us borrow the tent!)

That's Annie and Adrian, our Popote partners setting up.

This guy was probably our favorite customer of the day! Thanks for your buy!

As you can see, we had some NEW cards at the event! look for them soon on our shop!

Sweet Calavera was our best seller! We actually sold out! Sorry to those trying to find it on our shop, we will be making some more very soon!

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