Monday, September 1, 2008


One great comment we got when we were first selling our vinyl cards and decals was to make decals for bikes. Up here in SF there's a lot of cyclers (me being one).

So this is a page from my moleskine of some quick ideas.

This is a scan and mirror of one of two designs.

This is the second design with the vectorized first pattern.

This is after it is plotted and picked.

I have a stainless steel water bottle that I decided to decorate since it sits around my job. I thought it would be a good test to see how well the vinyl will hold up after these aspects: The bottle sweats a little from cold water, traveling with the bottle in my back pack, constantly picking up the bottle and setting it down.

So far, it's been holding super well. I've had a friend install the vinyl to her bike and I'll check back with her in a few weeks to see how it's going. We will definitely be coming up with more bike decals if these tests work out well. Good thing about these bike decals is that they won't mess with your paint job and should come off smoothly. The vinyl is water resistant so having it on a bike left outside in the SF rain or fog shouldn't harm it. They should last up to a year and more on your bike, easy.

We'll keep you posted!

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