Sunday, September 21, 2008

Treasure Island Music part 2

So I know you guys are DYING to know how our saturday at Treasure Island Music Festival went! Maybe not, but we like to share our thoughts anyways. We wanted to get there early so we could enjoy the vendors and scenery of the festival before it got too crazy. Since festival food is crazy over-priced, we made a first stop here in the neighborhood at Andronico's. This super market is notorious for ridiculous prices. They try so hard to be upscale that it's actually more expensive than markets in the Marina or PacHeights. And we're in the Sunset mind you.
So we go in to grab a sandwich for our lunch later in the day, but we walked out empty handed since the cheepest sandwich was this:

THIS IS A 7 DOLLAR CHEESE AND BREAD SANDWICH! Cool right!? I mean, why buy a whole load of bread, a brick of cheese and maybe some lettuce or something when all I want is just one sandwich?
So after laughing out loud (or LOLing) in the Deli isle we took off and just stopped at Quiznos before we hopped on this awesome FREE limo bus:

First stop we made was with SF Zinefest's Francois Vigneault who was hanging out at their outdoor reading lounge. Oh yeah, thats Andrew Schoultz painting a mural behind Junia and Francois. RAD!

As we were browsing the many vendors we stopped into Oakland's Nopal and met Daniel Sanchez Glazer, the artist behind Nopal. When we were walking we caught the name and what looked to me like Billy Holiday on their banner and knew we had to check them out. They had a few items that definitely made Popote's wish list. One being a shirt with Nopal printed large on the front (which they don't have on the site!) and the other a print titled La Paloma

We made another stop at Vivi Dot's booth where Junia, who happened to need a hair clip that day, found a super cute one. Vivi Dot takes old fabric and paper patterns and uses them to make buttons and other various circular thingies with them. 

A very cool part of the whole festival was it's green-ness. Behind the compost/recycle/landfill bins in this pic, you can see 2 large solar panels that powered the stage! It was funny because every now and then there would be some sound malfunctions, but everyone seemed ok with it. I think it added to the whole experience. Especially this being an indie-music-with-indie-music-fans festival, there was definitely a great feeling of understanding, acceptance, and calmness that flowed throughout the day. 

I think the highlight of the day for Junia and I was (Nortec's) Bostitch + Fussible's set. Even though it was only 30 mins, by the end, the whole crowd was chanting "OTRO!" and "CULERO!"  Of course we were chanting up front next to a guy wearing a Mexican flag! The set, although awesome, definitely felt too short. I loved that everyone was going nuts over this accordian player!

Here are some more photos of the day. All in all it was a good day. We didn't stay for Justice. TV on the Radio just wasn't doing it for us since we weren't up close, and I didn't feel like pretending CSS was any good. So we decided to book it and relax in that awesome limo bus again! Can't wait for next year!!

Junia's getting hit on by that awesome accordion player!! He's like "OYE MIJA!".. JK!

Foals was great! they almost convinced us to leave and see them again at the Mezzanine after the festival!

The crowd during Goldfrapp

Goldfrapp trying to pretend she wasn't cold as hell up on stage in that cool streamer nightie.

This Ferris wheel had a long line alllllll day. We didn't get a chance to experience the great view of the bay and downtown SF from up top. Next year!

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