Monday, September 22, 2008

We all come from somewhere

We went to high school with a group of guys that tattooed the city's logo on the inside of their arm. Just today I was reminded of them, and got to wondering, why the Chula Vista logo? Take a look:
It's not bad. Simple design. Clean. I get it. We all come from somewhere.

Then I just got curious as to the design a city takes to represent itself, and here are some of the more interesting logos I came across:
This logo belongs to the city of Seattle. Pretty badass, no? I'd rather have this one tattooed.
This one to Calexico, "Home of The Mariachi Festival Sin Fronteras", and where "California and Mexico Meet" (as stated on their dot gov page). I partially chose this one because I grew up taking a two hour long drive to El Centro every other weekend, just minutes away from Calexico.
This one to Wilsonville, Oregon, which according to Wikipedia was originally in black & white, but later Photoshopped to appear mint green. You'd think Wilsonville to be full of greenery and cute mom and pop shops just from their logo, and you're right! Based on the fotos I came across, I actually wouldn't mind taking a much needed stress-free vacation there. 

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