Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Just Around the Corner

photo from flickr:Don Cesar
We're about to start October in a week. That means it's time to start thinking of how creative and original you're going to make your costume this Halloween! We've been thinking about ours, but that shall remain a secret until we actually put something together to share. Right now we're all talk and ideas. 

I used to be really pumped for Halloween. I'd shop the local Party City on the days closest to Halloween to get all the sales, but always wound up with the plain cat costume, or ugly witch. I think I started to give up on dressing up when I considered that dressing up like Winnie Cooper would pass for a costume. 

Hmmm, kinda reminds me of Andres and I...

Since I've known Andres he's been obsessed with Bomberman and has tried numerous times to get the both of us to do a Bomberman pair. Maybe this will be that year (since he did get me into playing the xbox online version!)
 Start thinking about those costumes, or else you'll end up the plain black cat with cardboard cut-out ears, or the ugly witch with the wig that's impossible to untangle!


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