Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Kalandraka-libros para sonar

I worked as a third grade after school teacher in the Mission for a good chunk of time.  The program I worked for received tons of children's books donated from different presses. I'd skim the bookshelves and judge every book by its spine. 
To the point, I fell in love with Kalandraka Press. Based out of Portugal, this children's press publishes the most interesting, one of a kind illustrations and short stories. In fact, this collection, Kalandraka + Mexico is running the theme,  Libros para sonar- books to dream to. Each book in Kalandraka's collection is filled with rich folklore in addition to its amazingly odd artwork. These are definitely books that you should collect for your children, or just have for a fun read (if you can read Spanish!). You can also check out their blog here to get more info on the artists that put together these wonderful books!

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